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Progression in Klopp’s Offense – A Discussion on the Focal Point of Attacking (Translation)

This piece is a translation of a blog post originally in Korean, which can be found here. All the bolded texts are from the original, and whenever I added information by myself they were italicized. There are eleven pieces on the football field. In the sense that it is necessary for the player to identify and properly … Continue reading

Understanding Van Gaal’s Choices at Manchester United

There is little doubt in my mind that the most controversial manager in European football this season (2014-2015) is Louis Van Gaal (LVG) of Manchester United (Man Utd). As many people are aware, LVG took over as the manager of Man Utd during the summer of 2014 after his successful World Cup campaign with the … Continue reading

Why Luka Modric is important for Real Madrid

For the last couple of seasons, Luka Modric has been considered one of the best central midfielders in the EPL. He was no doubt a central figure in the recent good form of Tottenham Hotspurs. In EURO 2012, Modric’s performance against eventual champions Spain left an impression in the minds of football fans across the … Continue reading

Goal Distribution, is it important?

In the previous post, I referred to an article by Jonathan Wilson which noted that Rooney’s prolific goal scoring may not be benefitting Manchester United. The argument was that when Rooney scores more goals, the team becomes much more dependent on him, and hence much easier to defend against. If Rooney is the only goal … Continue reading

The Wayne Rooney Dilemma: England’s Dismay and Manchester United’s Transfer Market

Wayne Rooney is undoubtedly the greatest and best footballing star England has right now. The likes of Beckham, Terry, Gerard, Ferdinand, and Lampard are all past their best now. Ashley Cole is a world class player, but his acclaim is stifled by him being a left-back; Joe Hart has potential to be one of the … Continue reading