Euro 2012 Finals Preview

Italy defeated Germany 2-1 with two superb finishes from Mario Balotelli to face Spain in the finals. The two finalists have already met once in the group stages to produce one of the finest performances of the tournament yet. The fact that Italy has successfully foiled Spanish attempts in two consecutive Euro Championships brings about … Continue reading

Euro 2012 Semi-Finals Preview: Portugal vs Spain

Portugal recorded 2 wins and 1 loss to escape the ‘Group of Death’ in 2nd place to meet Czech. In the quarterfinals, the Portuguese restricted the Czech to only two shots and was the first to secure a place in the semi-finals. Under Queiroz, Portugal had a great defensive record coupled with an extremely frustrating … Continue reading

Euro 2012 Semi Final Preview: Germany vs Italy

Germany vs Italy    This semi-finals game is a very interesting one from a historical point of view. Germany and Italy are the two teams with the best records in international tournaments after Brazil. Surprisingly however, Germany has never recorded a win against Italy in any major tournaments. Whether history will repeat itself and again … Continue reading

The Gold, the Silver, the Important

These photos are from a summer two years ago in a France. Year 2006 was the year of the World Cup. France had proceeded onto the finals in the World Cup to play Italy. After scoring and conceding a goal, the game was taken eventually to penalty shootouts. All kickers carefully placed the ball into … Continue reading

2010 World Cup Regionals: North Korea (H) vs South Korea (A)

Just yesterday in Shanghai, there was a soccer game between North Korea and South Korea. Along with the news of the North Korean leader Kim Jeong-Il supposedly being very ill, the game started with a strange atmosphere. Due to the relatively high entrance fee of the game, and the relative low attention from the Chinese … Continue reading